Our Charges

Trying to find the best price for your legal work and compare lawyers?

It is a difficult task to obtain and compare charges or quotes as to your legal costs. Most lawyers will tell you costs are difficult to estimate. My view is that it is possible, based on past experience, to give an estimated range of the legal costs in the ordinary type of case.

We are happy to publish our rates in Family Law and other matters and also to give estimates of the costs of legal work in the ordinary type of case in Family Law matters. We can also discuss with you a fixed price for your legal work so you can be confident of the total cost to you. We believe you will find our rates to be highly competitive.

Our Rates

For all legal matters, including Family Law and Criminal Law we charge:

  • $300 per hour (plus GST) for time spent by a lawyer exercising legal skill or knowledge.
  • $180 per hour (plus GST) for time spent by a clerk or a lawyer, on work not requiring legal skill or knowledge.

Our Estimates of Total Legal Costs For Family Law Matters

Family Law matters can be divided up into steps in the process. Here are our estimates of the range of the legal costs for each of those steps.

Negotiate a settlement – estimated $1,650

  • To take your instructions and give advice concerning consent agreements as to parenting or property.
  • To commence negotiations for consent agreements.
  • To recommend a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner who will conduct the personal mediation between the parties.
  • To advise you upon the negotiated settlement (if any was reached at the mediation).

Binding Financial Agreements – estimated $2,500 – $7,000

Parties who are in a marriage or de-facto relationship, or who are intended to enter into such a relationship, can make an agreement as to how their assets, including their superannuation entitlements, will be dealt with in the event that they later separate.

These agreements can be binding and will be recognised by the Family Court as to how the property of the parties will be divided in the event that they later separate and/or divorce.

These costs are very difficult to estimate because much depends upon the complexity of the financial affairs of the parties involved. However an estimated range in the ordinary case might be $2,500 to $7,000.

If you are considering entering into a binding financial agreement we encourage you to take advantage of our no cost first interview at which we can give you a more accurate estimate in your particular circumstances.

Special Notes

The above estimates do not include GST. The estimates do not include certain expenses that may or may not arise. By way of example those expenses might be court fees, mediation costs, medical reports or other expert witness fees.

A Fixed Price Agreement for Legal Work

If you discuss the matter with us we can give you a fixed price to finalise your matter. See our page offering a No Cost First Interview.