Criminal Law: Criminal Defence Lawyers Adelaide

I have extensive experience in Criminal Law matters both as a Magistrate and prior to that as a successful criminal defence lawyer. I can personally conduct your matter in the Magistrates Courts and, if you are eventually appearing in the Supreme and District Criminal Courts, I can also conduct those matters so you can avoid the extra expense of briefing a barrister in those jurisdictions. I can also provide you with very low cost “do-it-yourself” options for dealing with matters in the Magistrates Court.

Criminal Assets Confiscation has been with us for some time now and the more recently introduced Unexplained Wealth laws provide further opportunities for the government to target the wealth of persons who can be shown to have wealth obtained from illegal sources. These types of actions are often directed at the target who is charged with a criminal offence but the impact of them can also fall upon family members who may have an interest in the property to be seized, most often the family home.

Having conducted Criminal Assets Confiscation type matters as a Magistrate, I am very confident that I can provide you and/or your family with accurate advice as to the likely outcome of such matters.

If you wish to vigorously defend these matters I can certainly accommodate you, but I can also tell you that Government lawyers settle out of court in more than 90% of contested cases and I can assist you in reaching such a settlement if that is your preferred outcome.

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