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Property Settlement pt2 – Do you need a court order?

Property Settlement (pt 2) - Do you need a court order?   You and your husband/wife have come to an amicable split of your matrimonial property, so do you need a court order? Unfortunately, this is not a straightforward question to answer.  Generally, the answer...

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Preparing for your separation

Preparing for your separation Clients regularly come to us for advice before announcing to their partner that the relationship is over. If you happen to be considering ending a relationship, then this information is important to know to prepare for your separation. If...

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Property Settlement (pt 1)

Property Settlement (pt 1) A while back I had two separate clients who had fallen into the same matrimonial property settlement trap.  What is that trap you ask? For married couples your rights to bring matrimonial property proceedings against the other party without...

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Parents Moving Interstate with Children

Parents moving interstate with their child/childrenWhat happens when one parent wishes to move interstate with their child/children – what does the Family Law say? Often clients of ours are fearful of the other parent taking off and permanently relocating interstate...

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Keeping your Family Law Legal Costs Down

Keeping your Family Law legal costs downFirstly, choose a cost effective lawyer!This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to put some thought into the lawyer you choose for your case. Not every lawyer is the same and many lawyers charge different hourly...

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Binding Financial Agreement

Binding Financial Agreement A question that often gets asked of lawyers is “Do we have pre-nuptial agreements in Australia?”. The answer is yes we do, they are called Binding Financial Agreements, also known as a “BFA”. Furthermore, they are not just pre-nuptial –...

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Children Travelling Overseas Without Your Consent

Do you have concerns about your children travelling overseas without your consent? In some family law child/children custody or divorce cases, one party may reasonably believe the other party will flee the country with their...

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No Win, No Fee Arrangements

No Win, No Fee Arrangements - I've talked about this before, but I think it's worth mentioning again. It may sound like a good offer, but you should look carefully at the advantages and disadvantages of No Win, No Fee for your particular situation. At Northside...

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De-facto Relationships and Property

De-facto Relationships and Property We regularly receive enquiries about whether or not a person is considered to be in a de-facto relationship. The concern is that the person does not want the unintended consequence that the property they presently own is...

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