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Income & spending after separation – how does it work?

So how does your income and spending after you have separated affect a property settlement? It’s common for people who have separated from their married or de facto partner to take the view that what income they earn and spending they do after they have separated is...

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When one parent wishes to move house

What happens when one parent wishes to move house but the distance would then prevent the other parent from continuing to have the presently ordered shared time with their child?Here is one scenario where the mother wished to move house. The separated parents of a...

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Phone scammer takes down favourite aunt

Phone scammer takes down a favourite Aunt I want to tell you about an experience that happened to one of my aunts. A so-called Microsoft representative contacted my aunt by telephone.  It was a ‘courtesy call’ to inform her there had been suspicious activity on her...

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Motor Vehicle Collision – should you call the police?

Motor Vehicle Collision - should you call the police? A client of ours invited us to tell her story so that others who find themselves in the same situation might think twice about calling the police immediately after a motor vehicle collision. Our client was in her...

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Wills – leaving money to pets.

Wills and leaving money to pets Are you thinking about leaving money to your pet(s) in your Will and wondering if you actually can? Well, the answer is “yes” and “no”. A lawyer’s answer, I hear you mumble. According to the law you 'own' your pet. They are your...

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Property Settlement pt3 – Time Limitations

Property Settlement (pt 3) - Time Limitations   In our Property Settlement part 2 article I said that you don’t need a court order to divide your property.  Simply write out what you have agreed with your wife / husband / partner then have it redrawn by a lawyer...

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What if your child doesn’t want to see their other parent?

What if your child doesn't want to see their other parent? Imagine this – you have court orders in place which deal with child custody. Let’s say the orders state the child spends time with their father every second weekend from 9am Saturday to 5pm Sunday.  You drive...

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