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No Win, No Fee Arrangements

No Win, No Fee Arrangements - I've talked about this before, but I think it's worth mentioning again. It may sound like a good offer, but you should look carefully at the advantages and disadvantages of No Win, No Fee for your particular situation. At Northside...

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De-facto Relationships and Property

De-facto Relationships and Property We regularly receive enquiries about whether or not a person is considered to be in a de-facto relationship. The concern is that the person does not want the unintended consequence that the property they presently own is...

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Allegation of Rape or other Sexual Misconduct

What if an allegation of rape or other sexual misconduct is made against you? Historical Rape and other Sexual Misconduct Allegations Allegations of Rape or other sexual misconduct, including conduct alleged to have taken place many years ago, are a hot media topic...

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Allegation of assault or murder

Have you had an allegation of murder and/or assault causing harm made against you? The South Australian criminal legal system, just like the rest of Australia, assumes that if two parties who are equally financially resourced and equipped are opposed to each other...

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Growing cannabis at home

Growing cannabis in your own home – can you lose your home? Yes! You can lose your home! You may be more than a bit alarmed to know that if you have been charged with cultivating (growing) cannabis in your own home then your home may be at risk of forfeiture. The...

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Parenting Plans – what you need to know

How are Parenting Plans made without going to court? Parenting Agreements and Parenting Plans state how children will spend time with each of their separated or divorced parents and will ideally be set out in writing so that each parent is clear on what those...

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Do it yourself property settlement consent orders

DO IT YOURSELF: HOW TO APPLY FOR YOUR OWN PROPERTY SETTLEMENT CONSENT ORDERS Are you wanting to get consent orders for your family law property settlement? Northside Lawyers can help you save on legal costs by assisting you to obtain “do-it-yourself” consent orders...

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Demerit points and loss of licence: How does it work?

Demerit Points and Loss of Licence: How does it all work? Many people we talk to seem to misunderstand how the demerit points process works.  They seem to think that you are given demerit points and that you lose them as you commit offences. In fact, it works the...

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Do it yourself: How to apply for your own divorce

Do you want a DIY divorce?  You can do your own divorce application – a “do it yourself” divorce is easier than you think and is now made even easier with the Court’s online service. There are three separate and sometimes interrelated legal issues married couples must...

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