Police ‘Wanted’ list – what you should know

Feb 16, 2021

Child Sex Offender Register

It’s unfortunate in this day and age parents of young children must face the grim reality of the need to be alert to the risk of child sex offenders having contact with their children.

Convicted child sex offenders are legally obliged to regularly report to the police providing certain information about themselves, including where they are living. The police keep this information in a register. In the past that information was not made available to the public, so you had no way of knowing if a paedophile lived near you.

That legal position changed a little a while back. If a known paedophile has not reported to the police as required or has gone missing, the police have legal authority to publish that person’s details to the general public as wanted registered sex offenders who are at large.  You can visit the police web page in your State and check out the full name, photo, date of birth and last known location of child sexual offenders who have not reported to the police and check if this person might be in your area.

So in effect, the police Child Sex Offender Register is a “Wanted” list of child sex offenders who have failed to report regularly or have gone missing. 

The purpose of the publication of this “Wanted” list is to keep the community informed and to find those offenders who have absconded.  The web page also provides numbers to call if you can assist with locating these persons.

WARNING you can look at the information on the web page, but you cannot pass the information on to others. You commit a very serious offence involving up to 5 years imprisonment if you send the information you have viewed to someone else. If someone you know is interested in the information they must go to the webpage to look at it themselves.

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