Free First Interview

What do you get at a Free First Interview?

Well the very first thing you can be confident about is that if you come to see us for a free first interview it will be at absolutely no cost to you. Secondly, there will be no obligations arising out of that free first interview.

You will not be subjected to any pressure selling of our services. We insist that clients do not make a decision about engaging us until they have had time to think about what we have said.

Your free first interview will most often be with the lawyer who would do the work for you if you decided to engage us to represent you. This gives you a great opportunity to find out who they are and how they work and to see whether you feel you can have confidence in them to represent you before making any decisions.

What will happen at your free first interview

Our lawyer will listen carefully to your problem, and:

  • identify the legal issues that you are facing;
  • explain those issues to you, and explain what options you have for dealing with them and will do this in a manner that you can easily understand;
  • explain our legal costs and how they are calculated; and
  • give you an indication of the cost for us to handle your matter in the ways we suggest to you.


So at no cost or obligation to you, at the conclusion of this interview we aim to have put you in a position whereby you:

  • have a clear understanding of what your legal position is and what your options are; and
  • have the information you need to make an informed decision about what, if anything, you would like to do next; and
  • you know what legal costs might be involved.


Terms of Services

Following this interview, if you invite us to do so, we will send you the terms of our services and, even then, there is no obligation upon you to engage us or to do anything further with us unless you decide to choose us as your lawyer.