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Police Powers of Arrest

Police Powers to Arrest without a warrant or court order We have previously posted about your rights regarding police questioning and interviews and your rights when being questioned by police, now let us look at the powers of police to make an arrest. The police have...

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Your rights when being questioned by police

Your rights when being questioned by Police Following our previous article "Your rights regarding police questioning and interviews” we’ll now look further into your rights when being questioned by police. It is important to appreciate that anything you say to the...

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What is considered ‘reportable contact with a child’?

Child Sex Offenders Registration Act (the Act) breach reporting obligations in South Australia. This is a lengthy article, but if it relates to your situation, it is well worth a read. What is considered ‘reportable contact with a child’? We had a case recently, where...

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Your rights regarding police questioning and interviews

What rights do you have when police stop you for questioning and what information do you have to give them if they do? Firstly, the police do not have the right to demand your name or address without a lawful reason. Generally, a police officer can only ask you to...

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Changes to Hoon Driving and Extreme Speed Laws

Changes to Hoon Driving and Extreme Speed Laws South Australia has recently introduced new laws relating to ‘Hoon’ driving and ‘Extreme Speed’ offences. These were announced in 2021 and came into effect late last 2022. Hoon laws New laws which came into effect 29...

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Allegation of Assault or Murder

Allegations of Assault or Murder Have you had an allegation of murder, sexual assault or physical assault causing harm made against you? The South Australian criminal legal system, just like the rest of Australia, operates under an adversarial model in the conduct of...

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Firearms Silencers – Don’t get caught out!

Firearm Silencers - don't get caught out! As criminal lawyers, we have become aware of a significant increase in the number of enquires with us about firearm offences.  The South Australian Police do conduct regular firearms safety audits of people with firearms...

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Spent Convictions and your Police Clearance Certificate

Do you know what spent convictions are or why they might appear on a Police Clearance Certificate?A distraught person saw me a while back about a National Police Clearance Certificate she had requested from the Police. She required this for a new job she had been...

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Income & spending after separation – how does it work?

So how does your income and spending after you have separated affect a property settlement? It’s common for people who have separated from their married or de facto partner to take the view that what income they earn and spending they do after they have separated is...

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