Areas of practice: Family Law, Deceased Estates (Probate, Intestate Estates, Disputing a Will, Inheritance Family Provision Claims)

Bang for your buck

As an experienced family lawyer, I believe that a client should get a result for their money or ‘bang for their buck’ if you like, when they ask for help with a legal problem. You will not be spending money with me getting nowhere, I can assure you of that. I can provide you with affordable legal advice and representation with the aim of getting you the best possible outcome.

Fight for your rights

Yes, I will fight for your rights and strongly represent your interests to get you the best result for you in your circumstances. I will also bear strongly in mind that going to court is costly and I will work hard with you to find an alternative and least-cost legal solution to your problem. Of course, if you are keen to have your day in court, I will certainly be happy to fight for you there and again, I’ll make every effort to keep those costs as low as possible.

No cost free first interview

Please take advantage of a no obligation free first interview with me and then see what you think about engaging me as your family lawyer. At that interview I will listen to your problem as you see it and then propose what I hope will be a helpful and importantly, a cost effective solution for you.

It will cost you nothing to do this and at worst you will walk away having learned a lot more about the way the law works in the context of your particular matter and at no cost to you.

A cost-effective solution

Legal costs are a barrier to achieving justice in our community. The legal services that family lawyers offer must be affordable, otherwise justice is denied.

Clients are not simply a business opportunity to me and never have been. Over the years I have maintained a community service commitment by volunteering my time to provide free after-hours legal advice to members of the community.

Being a part of Northside Lawyers

I like being a part of Northside Lawyers because, although we are not a Community Legal Centre, there is a powerful commitment by the lawyers and staff at Northside to providing affordable and cost effective legal services to our clients.

I’m actively involved in the legal profession and have acted as a mentor to young law students. I am on special interest committees at the Law Society including a committee which supports and helps young lawyers and advocates for their rights.

I am also a member of the committee which is responsible for publishing the Law Society of South Australia’s flagship magazine ‘The Bulletin’. The Bulletin provides important information and updates to all lawyers in South Australia. I am a contributor to this publication.

I have a strong personal commitment to access to justice for people of ordinary means. It was this that influenced me to start my career as a lawyer at a Community Legal Centre, providing advice and representation to those who could not otherwise afford a private family lawyer.

If you want to take advantage of affordable and cost effective legal services then you should consider coming to see me and let us see what I can do for you.