Murder and assault causing harm

The South Australian criminal legal system, just like the rest of Australia, assumes that two parties, who equally financially resourced and equipped, are opposed to each other will fight out their case, supervised by a Judge, in front of a jury of ordinary people who will decide the truth or otherwise of the allegations. This is the so-called adversarial model of justice.

The DPP will use a skilled and senior barrister to prosecute you in a murder trial – what are you going to do?

So, if you are a charged with murder or a serious assault causing some kind of harm, you are probably charged with a major indictable offence and will need to get geared up with competent lawyers because the Government, through the Office of the Direction of Public Prosecution (the DPP), will be geared up and well-resourced to present their case against you.

This is no walk in the park. You can anticipate the DPP lawyer will be very experienced and skilled and will have solicitors and the full resources of the police investigators at their disposal.

Unless you elect to be tried by a Judge alone, sitting without a jury, it will be jury of 12 ordinary people that decides, based on how the case is presented to them, what are the proven facts and whether or not you are guilty. What are you going to do?

It is not enough to rely on the presumption of innocence – it is better to do absolutely everything you can to prove your own case

Sure, there is a legal principle called the presumption of innocence! It is the prosecution that has to prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt and you don’t have to prove anything – right? If that is all you have as your defence then you are in serious trouble.

Selecting your own legal team is probably going to be the most important thing that you will do

Selecting your own legal team is probably going to be the most important decision that you will make – this is serious.

Your defence team must aggressively probe and seek to weaken the prosecution case and importantly, your defence team must also robustly seek ways to prove your case. It is not enough to rely on the presumption of evidence. It is far better to do all you can to prove your own case.

We can pull together the best and cost effective legal team for you.

The State is the adversary, not the person who has made the complaint. You need a team that will fight for your rights and aggressively present your own case.

I have significant experience to call upon in the criminal justice system and have acted in probably the longest criminal murder trial in South Australia history, commonly referred to as ‘the Snowtown Murders – you have probably heard of it or seen the movie.

Our hourly rate for time spent by a lawyer exercising legal skill or knowledge is less than the recommended court scale rate and certainly less than many other criminal lawyers, but we will fight hard for your rights and more importantly struggle with you to establish your innocence. We will not simply rely upon the presumption of innocence to do the work.

Come and see me, Bill Morris, for a free first interview – see if you think we are a good fit for you.